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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Convert JME application to Android

Here is the story:

I bought Android phone. Earlier I was using Windows Mobile phone, and I had one j2me application on it that was very important to me. It was "TokenGSM", application which serves the same purpose as RSA tokens, but installed on my phone. Very good decision of my bank that they created it so users don't have to carry additional device with them (users have choice, you can also get RSA token if you prefer it). So this application is necessary if I want to log in to my bank account. Pretty vital.

But, as you probably know, there is no Java ME on Android :( Here is what I did (this forum was useful):

  1. Call the bank and ask for new GSM token. Token is somehow bound to the phone, so if you change phone, you need new token.
  2. Write down URL from WAP Push SMS. Do it before opening it. On my phone (Android 2.2, HTC Desire) if you don't do it but just try to open URL, it's lost. Browser can't open it, but you don't even have chance to see it. Browser just blinks and returns to home screen :| It's not in history, nor in downloads.
  3. Go to http://www.netmite.com/android/ and download App Runner. I went there from my phone and downloaded directly to it. I'm not sure if this point is really necessary, but some say it is.
  4. Click "Convert existing j2mes into apk & upload to Android Market." I don't think it really uploads to Market.
  5. Enter your written down URL and click "Get Apk". You have your Android TokenGSM :)
  6. Transfer the file to your phone and install it.
  7. Now you have to activate the token with code you received from the bank.

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