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Saturday, April 24, 2010

SzJUG member, Filip "Filus" Pająk presentation on TestNG

Recently (last Thursday) I had pleasure to attend Szczecin JUG meeting at which Filip presented TestNG. Presentation was great. I knew Filip is a perfectionist, and when he does something it is just perfect :), but I didn't know he has such great speaker talent! I felt he really cares about being understood.

Filip was very well prepared. A lot of knowledge and a lot of great examples. Examples were prepared before and were short and simple. Just what you need to understand some issue, no less and no more. I think it is better than coding "live" when something can blow up. Show example, run it and show results.

Filip claimed he is no "guru" and doesn't know TestNG very well, but as far as I remember, he knew answer to every question :). I hope it was not his last presentation at Szczecin JUG. Or maybe he'll present somewhere else now? Who knows?

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