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Monday, March 22, 2010

JavaScript training

This weekend I was able to take part in JavaScript training by Damian Wielgosik . As I was not very experienced JavaScript developer, I have learned a lot. I also got convinced that in JavaScript everything is possible :)

I am impressed by the trainer. I was quite surprised when I found out that it was the third training he conducted. I thought he is much more experienced. He had great "contact with the audience", atmosphere was very friendly, nobody was afraid to ask questions or discuss. Thank you Damian!

Two days full of training is quite a much time, so there was also place for exercises. This was very good, nothing consolidates knowledge like some exercises and because Damian was always there to help if we were stuck, we were not wasting time. Doing exercises in groups was also very good idea. We worked as a team and helped each other. I never doubted in efficiency of pair programming :)

Scope of topics was impressive. I learned a lot about prototypes and constructors, which was a bit strange for Java programmer (but not so much if he was also learning Ruby ;)) I think we covered pretty much everything in JS, from basics (which we run through quite fast) to optimization.

I would also like to thank other participants for great atmosphere, discussions, questions, help and info about "pierogarnia" :) I wish I could attend more such good trainings.


Damian Wielgosik said...


I am very happy reading such good reviews like this one. It was also a great time for me!

Thanks for coming and participation!


Javascript Training said...

Yes, It was really a nice time to take part in Javascript Training. I have also learned a lot. I really appreciate to all the trainers who were available at that time.

Ammulya Ammu said...
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Edward said...
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Henry said...
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