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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Key promoter for Eclipse

Did you ever miss key promoter in Eclipse? I did. Fortunately I found one: Mousefeed

Whenever you do some action with your mouse, and there is keyboard shortcut for this action, the shortcut is displayed:


ags said...

Man, check out IntelliJ and the KeyPromoter plugin, it does the same thing, only better and faster ;-) As a bonus, whenever you select an item from the menu which does not have a shortcut assigned more than 3 times, it suggests creating one.

Paweł Szulc said...

Cool thing about keypromotors (I thing both in eclispe and idea) is that you can you can configure it, to "lock" mouse operations when user uses it to often.

So for example if you save your blog using mouse (File -> Save), IDE will promote the ctrl+S shortcut and after while it will just block the possibility to do it using mouse.